Hello and welcome to my blog ‘Vanilla Clouds & Lemon Drops’.

Here you will find recipes and posts from me based on my love (and slight obsession) of food, cooking and anything that goes with it.

I’m a self-taught cook so my recipes are mainly every day meals that anyone can cook, mixed with recipes that are a little more special and require a bit more time and effort in the kitchen – ideal for entertaining and when you are wanting to impress. I'm not a chef and I've never worked inside a professional kitchen, I am just someone that really loves to cook for my family and friends no matter where I am, and so this blog is a collection of my favourite recipes that I have made time and time again. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

As well as loving to cook I am obsessed by cookbooks. In fact I read them like novels (not the best idea before bed!) and I am extremely lucky to have my own personal library with a collection of over 1000 cookbooks, so you will also find Cookbook Reviews included within the blog. I'm hoping over time to try and review as many books as possible, both old and new so let me know if there is a particular book you would like me to review and I will do my best!

Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions or requests you may have. If you prefer you can email me directly at vanillacloudsandlemondrops@hotmail.co.uk and you can also keep up to date with Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting Vanilla Clouds & Lemon Drops!

Lynds x

*All images and content are copyright of Lyndsey Fleenor and cannot be used without permission.

**If you would like to work with me and have a book or product that you would like me to review please email me at the address above. As part of the integrity to my blog I will always give a fair and honest review.


  1. You are far too kind!! I'm delighted you found my blog though - welcome to the world of blogging! I hope you are enjoying it so far : )

  2. I have just found your site! I am absolutely loving your tomato recipes! As you are, I am an avid tomato lover! Can't wait to try them, especially the sun dried recipe! I live in Texas and we do have a wealth of tomatoes here!

  3. So happy to meet another tomato lover! There are certainly quite a few recipes on my blog featuring tomatoes and there will be plenty more to come! Thanks for stopping by : )

  4. This food looks SO yummy! Perfect personal touch. The cake pops are adorable, by the way... you've got a regular customer! :)

  5. Thank you so much! Delighted to have you onboard. Happy New Year! : )

  6. Am enjoying your "Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops" Lyndsey. Maggie and I were catering for 100 at a friend's party at the weekend and one of our problems was quantities. Your profiteroles(good recipe) were all gobbled up - but I am left with about 20 tons of rice salad!!!!! How much rice per person would you have used catering for 100 when there were 4 other salads and potatoes and ham and salmon? Great to have Abby back soon.
    love Cherry xxxx P.S. your site is so pretty and feminine though I bet guys use it too.

    1. Thanks Cherry - that's so lovely to hear!

      Good for you - that's amazing! The most I have ever catered for was 60 but I know what you mean about quantities - it's really tricky. The thing I find with rice salad is that people just tend to take a little, especially when there are so many other salads, so I would probably have made my recipe times 4.... That being said I ALWAYS end up with too much food and send everyone home with leftovers!! I'm not sure if that helps or not - how much did you make out of interest?

      Lovely to hear from you. You must be delighted about having Abby home soon. I can't wait to see them in June and finally meet little Thomas! Take care, love Lynds xxx

  7. HI! Just found your lamb baguette recipe on Tastespotting! So now I will be perusing your fabulous looking recipes! Am I missing where I can "print recipe"? Thanks!

    1. Hello and thank you! Unfortunately at this point I don't have that option however I hope to have it up and running soon so that printing out the recipes is much easier. If it helps in the meantime you could always sign up to receive the emails which automatically emails you with every new post (approximately twice a week). That way you won't miss out on anything. As soon as I have the 'print recipe' option I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks again : )

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  9. Hi there
    I was wanting the recipe for hot and spicy nuts but it seems to be a bad link. Goes to html? thanks. Meredith

    1. Hi Meredith,
      I'm so sorry about that but I appreciate you letting me know! I've been having a few issues with the blog recently but all should be ok now! I hope you enjoy them :)


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