Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hello and welcome to Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops!!
There I have done it – after months and months of planning to start my own food blog I have finally done it! Phew, that wasn’t too bad!
The reason for starting my own blog is simply to share my recipes with friends and family and anyone else who is interested in trying them out and reading what I have to say about food and anything food related.
My love of food goes back many, many years and now at the age of 30 I have decided it is time to really dedicate time and energy to this love of mine, after all it has provided me with enormous pleasure and indulgence for a long time – I owe it something. I am a self-taught cook that enjoys simple home cooking, sometimes with a little extra effort thrown in for good measure, but I am certainly no chef.
My aim with this blog is to write as much as I can about food and provide as many recipes as possible. I cook using a variety of seasonal ingredients mixed with all the staples you can easily buy year round. I love farmers markets but I also understand that sometimes when time is tight it has to be a quick trip to the supermarket, so recipes don’t generally include obscure or impossible to find ingredients……yet!
As well as sharing my recipes, my hope is that Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops will provide me with a lot more motivation and drive than I have recently had. Even for someone who loves to cook and thinks about food in one way or another on a daily (almost constant) basis, it is still easy to find yourself stuck in a rut unless you push the boundaries and constantly look for new inspiration and ideas….so voila! Let the inspiration come flooding in!
I am going to try and include as many photographs as possible but since neither Mr. Vanilla (my patient but well fed husband) nor I are professional photographers or food stylists, you will have to put up with our amateur clicks.
Oh and one other important thing you should know…..the reason it has taken me many months to get this blog started, is due to the fact that I am pregnant! May was the month I was meant to start blogging, especially since I wasn’t working at all….perfect time to start a blog right??! Wrong! Hours at the office were replaced with hours in the bathroom as my hormones decided to launch a fully fledged attack on me with morning, day and night sickness. For the first time since I started cooking, everything food related was shunned and hidden from sight – something that I never in my wildest dreams thought could happen. Thankfully though for the most part it seems to be over, so with no more excuses it’s time to launch Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops….we have lift-off!


  1. Hello! Well done, this is great. I have never been on a blog before but will def be on this one as I get something out of it too, your yummy food!

    Can you put your tomato pasta sauce you made years ago in Edin one time for me and Susie. It had capers in it and was amazing, I've always remembered it!

    Keep it up and you can start with the baby food recipes soon!

    Abs xxx

  2. Such a fantastic idea Lyndsay, I look forward to reading your recipes and the adult lemonade sounds yummy!Debs xx

  3. This all looks so professional Lynds. All looks fab!!!!
    Will def have to try some of them. Put the Champagne rissotto on to please.
    P xx

  4. Thanks everyone! Ab & P I will have those recipes up soon xxx


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