Friday, December 4, 2009

My Apologies

I can’t honestly believe that it is already December the 4th……well ok let me correct that – in terms of writing my blog and my lack of writing over recent weeks, I can’t believe it is already December the 4th! In terms of the fact that I am now 36 weeks pregnant I can believe it is December 4th and actually wish it was a little later on than that! Everyone warned me the last month is the hardest and they weren’t lying! Realistically a more disciplined person would put this time to good use writing every day, but due to lack of sleep and general pregnancy aches and pains (and the fact I am obviously not that disciplined!) I have not.

I start every month with great intentions of all the recipes I want to include in that particular month and any specific events, occasions or ingredients I want to talk about, but suddenly before I know it the month is over and I have not even come close to achieving what I set out to do! Maybe if I planned less and just got on with it I would achieve more..... This month however, I am going to be realistic! Once again I have all the intentions, especially with the lead up to Christmas, however with every day closer to my due date (December 29, 2009) it gets harder and harder to stay motivated and inspired!! I have also discovered (perhaps just here and there when I feel energetic) the so-called “nesting” instinct that you hear about. Apparently it isn’t just a pregnancy myth as my freshly cleaned pantry and generally entire house would attest to! Therefore when I should be sitting typing at the computer (with my feet raised due to some very attractive swelling) I am cleaning something or other that I have decided has to be done.

So with my pathetic excuses out of the way, all I can do is apologise that I have not included more recipes for the past couple of months! I will try harder this month...... but perhaps don’t hold me to it!

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