Friday, October 22, 2010

A toast to the new Mr. & Mrs!!

Today one of my best friends is getting married! I've been so excited for them since the day they got engaged, however unfortunately as much as I wanted to I wasn't able to make it back to Scotland for their wedding. So to make up for the fact I was having to miss their big day I decided we would have a mini celebration for them here and what better way to celebrate than with cake and champagne! So Paula and Phil this is for you.....Congratulations to you both, I am so delighted for you and hope you have a fantastic day xxx

Vanilla Cupcakes with White Chocolate & Vanilla Icing

For the cupcakes I used the recipe for Vanilla Cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook then added my own icing and decorations.

White Chocolate & Vanilla Icing
100g white chocolate
150g unsalted butter, at room temperature
150g icing sugar, sieved
1 tbsp milk
½ tsp vanilla extract

Melt the chocolate in a bowl in the microwave for 20 seconds at a time until completely melted and smooth. Leave to cool. Mix together the butter and icing sugar until smooth then add the milk, vanilla extract and white chocolate. Continue beating for a few minutes until light and fluffy. Top the cupcakes with the icing and smooth with an off-set spatula. Decorate as you please, I used some edible gold glitter and edible wafer roses.


  1. The cupcakes and bubbles were so good!! Congratulations Paula and Phil!! xxx

  2. The cupcakes are really pretty.

  3. Yum yum yum! Two places I wanted to be last night and couldn't be then, their wedding and your place gobbling cake and champers! I am awaiting pics too, wish they'd hurry up and send some, desperate to see bride P!xxx

  4. Mmmmm they look sooo good Lynds!

    ~ Chels

  5. Thanks everyone - I have to admit that white chocolate and vanilla icing is delish!


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