Friday, April 22, 2011

Chocolate Easter Eggs

Nothing can beat a homemade Easter egg as a gift for someone special. With a little time and patience you can make a batch of your own eggs – great for giving away or as a special treat to yourself! Happy Easter!

Makes 1 large egg and 1 small egg

225g/ 8oz white, milk or dark chocolate (I used white)
Little mild tasting oil & kitchen roll
Egg moulds
Mini eggs or sweets of your choice to fill
Ribbon for decorating & clear bags

Put the chocolate into a medium sized bowl and gently melt over a pan of barely simmering water. When completely melted remove from the heat.

Put a little oil onto a piece of kitchen paper and lightly wipe the egg moulds. Using either a spoon or brush (I prefer to use a spoon) put a good amount of chocolate into a mould then using the back of the spoon (or brush) completely cover the moulds. You want it to be fairly thick so it doesn't break when you take it out of the mould. Also be careful to put the chocolate just over the edge of the moulds so you have enough chocolate at the sides. Make sure you leave enough chocolate to put in a piping bag to seal the two halves together. When the moulds are completely covered put the eggs into the fridge briefly to chill.

Once set carefully remove the eggs from the mould – I find there's not much advice I can give as all moulds are different so just try your best to do it the way that works for you. Once the eggs have been removed from the mould I put them back in the fridge for another 5 minutes to cool again.

When ready to seal the eggs put a handful of mini eggs or sweets of your choice into one of the egg halves. Put the leftover white chocolate into a small sandwich bag and snip a small corner off (really small corner) then pipe some chocolate around the edge of the egg. Carefully put the two halves together and hold until sealed. Using a small sharp knife trim off any extra chocolate then put the egg back into the fridge or some where cool (unless you have cold hands – unlike me, and can hold the egg for a while without melting it!!). Finish off by tying some ribbon around the egg then put into a clear bag. Decorate the bag as you like then keep in a cool place until you are ready to smash it open!!


  1. These look so lovely! Homemade chocolate Easter eggs, you're right, nothing can beat them!

  2. Very pretty and festive. Can be used for non-edible presents, too.

  3. Homemade chocolate is extra special in an Easter basket :) Yours looks great!

  4. Wow! I'm so impressed. They look just as good as shop-bought ones.

  5. These look lovely. I too am impressed. I've tried making some mini Easter eggs this year, but they are not in the same league as yours. Happy Easter

  6. SO beautiful! What a fabulous Easter treat :)

  7. Thank you so much! They were lots of fun to make. I hope you all have a great weekend - Happy Easter! x

  8. These sound like the perfect treat for today! Happy Easter!

  9. Thanks Peggy - I hope you had a great Easter! : )


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