Monday, April 1, 2013

Cooking the Books ~ April

After deciding that's this month's theme for Cooking the Books would have more of an International twist to it, I narrowed down my choices to 4 books featuring Italian, Mexican, Thai and a mixture of European delights (courtesy of Jamie Oliver Does), and let those of you on Facebook vote for your choice. It was very close but in the end you picked Mexican as your cuisine of choice to be put to the test with Thomasina Mier's Mexican Food Made Simple. I'm so excited to try out this book and I'm hoping since I can't quite jet off to Mexico for a little break, that perhaps this book will give me at least a culinary holiday in the comfort of my own home!

As always if you have this book why not cook along with me and put your copy to the test, or if you use it on a regular basis let me know some of your favourite recipes that you recommend I try! So what are you waiting for - let's start Cooking the Books!

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