Monday, March 10, 2014

Meal Planning Mondays March 10th - 16th

As promised here is Week 2 of my new series on Meal Planning Mondays. I had a little bit more trouble planning out this week's meals as the weather is really changing and although our clocks changed this past weekend, it's still pretty cold and wet out, so I am still in the 'Comfort Food Zone'! Apologies to those of you enjoying the sun - this is a Winter Menu!

If you like to plan your Weekly Meal Plans feel free to share and add your links in the comments section below.

Monday March 10th - Sunday 16th

                               Monday -     Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese (new recipe!) & Salad
                                                    Penne Pasta with Basic Tomato Sauce & Salad*
                               Tuesday -      Chicken Chow Mein (From The Hairy Dieters Eat For Life)
                               Wednesday - Lasagne (half original recipe) with Salad
                               Thursday -     Leftover Lasagne
                               Friday -         Gorgeous Fish Stew with Garlic Croutons (From the Hairy Dieters: How                                                      to Love Food & Lose Weight)
                               Saturday -     Chicken Provenรงal (From The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life) with Crostini                                                          & Salad
                               Sunday -        Family over for Dinner: Spiral Ham; Shwarties; Green Beans; Salad                                                             & Coleslaw; Vanilla Creme Brulee


*Well as I noted last week on the first Meal Planning Monday's post, when meal planning, things don't always go to plan so you need to allow some wiggle room. Normally I would hope that the reason for changing plans is due to being invited out or some other equally exciting event but occasionally it's not. Case in point - my lovely Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese that I was planning to make today (and photograph so I could post it here in the near future) is unfortunately on hold as I am sick and can't face a trip to the supermarket for my ingredients. In addition to that hubby is held up at work and so won't be home until late so thankfully for me my go-to meal when I feel under the weather is a simple pasta dish with a very easy tomato sauce that my son loves. I always have ingredients for that on hand! So there you have it, Day 1 and we're swapping things already! Here's hoping I am feeling better tomorrow and can get shopping and back to my plans!!

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