Monday, May 12, 2014

Meal Planning Mondays May 12th ~ May 18th

Ah the joys of a Monday morning..... I was so lucky as we had the most fantastic weekend, most of which was spent out on the boat in the nearby lake soaking up the sun and completely relaxing - it was bliss! On top of that, yesterday I was completely spoilt for Mother's Day and didn't have to lift a finger in the kitchen all day! Scott really went all out and it was just perfect! How lucky am I?! Now however it's back to reality and the start of a new week!

This week is all about what I have needing eaten in the fridge and leftovers that need eaten especially since I am cleaning out the fridge today (my most hated kitchen chore but it always makes me happy once it is done!). Tomorrow I'm using up the leftover chicken from our delicious Beer Can Chicken that Scott made last night. I am hoping one of these days to get it up on the blog as it really is the most delicious way to cook a chicken and keep it super moist. As well as the chicken there is also some French bread left which I'll use for croutons and I might add some avocado as well since we love avocado. A great salad that is really delicious and perfect for using up leftovers. Wednesday and it's a quick and easy pasta dish to finish off the broccoli that's lurking in the fridge. It's such an easy meal and so tasty so it'll be a hit. Thursday and we are back to swimming so I chose Sweet & Sour Chicken since I can make it ahead of time and I have a few peppers in the fridge waiting to be used and always have a tin of pineapple tucked away in my pantry. Ben loves it as well so that's always a bonus as he will be extra hungry after swimming. The obsession of my new Tortilla pans is resurfacing again on Friday as I am making Chilli Salad bowls, a perfect Friday night meal that doesn't take long to make and is full of flavours that we all love. My hope is to be able to snap some pics before we devour them so that I can share the recipe here with you. Saturday and we are having a family dinner so it's a night off for me and Sunday.....well it depends on our plans.... I have a feeling weekend cooking will soon become meals that can be made really quickly or prepared in advance since we will no doubt be out on the boat!!

I hope you all have a great week with great food, family and friends x

 Monday May 12th - Sunday 18th 

                                  Monday  -       Leftovers
                                  Tuesday -       Chicken Caesar Salad
                                  Wednesday -  Broccoli Pesto Pasta
                                  Thursday -      Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice 
                                  Friday -          Chilli Salad Bowls
                                  Saturday -      Dinner with Family :)
                                  Sunday -        TBD
As always don't forget you can add links to your Weekly Meal Plans in the comments section below.  

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