Friday, November 25, 2011

A little Hotel Chocolat Luxury

Well there is just no denying it any longer.....Christmas is literally just around the corner. In fact let me just be brutally honest and let you know that it is exactly one month until the big day! To be honest though, I have to admit I'm pretty excited as I actually love the run up to Christmas. It may come as no surprise to hear that I tend to go a little overboard when it comes to decorating the house, cooking, baking, wrapping presents, playing Christmas music and so on.....and so although it's not actually December yet (yes despite my excitement I do tend to wait until December 1st – something my husband has strictly enforced, especially when it comes to playing Christmas music!) I couldn't resist getting started with a couple of fantastic foodie suggestions for Christmas presents.

Now when it comes to Christmas food mince pies are as traditional as Roast Turkey, Trifle and Christmas Pudding, but like the tradition of serving brussel sprouts (which inevitably someone will turn their nose up at), they aren't always appreciated. My husband is one such person, so when I got the opportunity to try some Alternative Mince Pies from Hotel Chocolat I jumped at the chance! These mince pies had no hint of buttery, flaky pastry or fruity and boozy mincemeat filling but instead are made of rich, silky luxurious caramel, praline and chocolate! Seriously, do I need to say any more?.....Mince pies that are actually chocolate and caramel – unbelievable! These new little treats will be the death of the original mince pie once word gets out, even for the most die-hard mince pie enthusiast. Trust me! Anyone that you serve these to will be your new best friend as they are not only completely delicious but absolutely beautiful, and just as you would expect from an ordinary mince pie, these are topped with an elegant star made from a choice of milk or dark chocolate. So how's that for a Christmas suggestion?

Well if that's left you wanting more ideas you're in luck because I was also lucky enough to try some of Hotel Chocolats fabulously decadent Winter Desserts and honestly all I can say is wow! These beautiful chocolates come in a perfect little box containing 4 delicious flavours that really do taste as they should! My favourite was the Caramel Pecan Pie but how can you go wrong with Chocolate Souffle; Apple Strudel (which really did taste like Apple Strudel!) and Christmas Mess (although the only mess I saw was the chocolate around my face!). These are without doubt a must have item on your gift list, plus they also would make the most perfect hostess gift for any parties you are attending. Honestly, with a gift like that you'll be invited back before you've even left, so no matter who you buy these for they will be loved, after all how can you go wrong with chocolate and dessert in one delightful mouthful?!

So there you have it – the start of my Christmas posts with 2 fantastic ideas for Christmas presents. Now technically I think it's important to say that when I say that both of these items make great 'presents' I use the term fairly loosely because we know that at times we all need a little indulgence for ourselves and these sweet delights make the perfect treat to be enjoyed whilst decorating your tree or writing your Christmas cards, so don't miss out – treat yourself or someone special, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

{For more delicious ideas for luxurious Christmas presents check out the Hotel Chocolat website here.}


  1. Apple strudel chocolate?? Sign me UP! Sounds fabulous.

  2. ooh these look absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Mmm! My kind of chocolate buzz! ... and I'm getting excited for Christmas a bit early this year! We actually start playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving (today!) so we've been fa-la-la -ing around the house today!

    Thanks for boosting my spirit with your post! Ho, ho, ho!

  4. I've had some Hotel Chocolat goodies before and they really are amazing. Such high quality chocolate. Yum!

  5. I know - they are SO good! And they really do taste like what they are meant to and melt in your mouth!

    Susan - I know....I'm desperately trying to hold off with the music and decorations for 1 more week but it's so hard! Maybe I'll start off slowly and write my overseas cards.....while listening to Christmas music!!! ; ) I love Christmas!!


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