Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sweet Heat # 2

It's the 1st of the month so that can only mean one thing.....it's time to announce this month's Sweet Heat Challenge! I was so delighted with the inaugural Sweet Heat Challenge and all of the fantastic entries so I'm hoping we can continue with the same standards this month!

So what is this month's challenge?....Well I just couldn't resist with the change in seasons and drop in temperature to choose a …... (drum roll).....Spicy Soup! For this months challenge you can make any soup you want, (inspired by any country in the world, recipe or just whatever you happen to have in your fridge) so for those of you that want to take part and are lucky enough to be living in lovely sunny and warm climates, you don't need to feel excluded! It can be a hot or cold soup, just as long as it contains chillies. And if you manage to include a spicy little garnish or side to accompany your soup then you get extra points!

As usual there are some rules to abide by...nothing scary, just a few things to note!

The Rules:

  • You must mention Sweet Heat in your post with a link back to this site (and when applicable the host site).
  • Send your post url, your name and a photo (if possible no bigger than 500 pixels please) of your creation to vanillacloudsandlemondrops@hotmail.co.uk by the 25th of November.
  • You can create your own recipe or make your favourite recipe but please credit the original source if using someone else's.
  • You can enter as many times as you like.*
And that's that! The round up will be done at the end of every month. So get your pots and pans out, a big bowl and of course a chilli or two!

*The challenge is open to everyone so even if you don't have your own blog please feel free to participate! Just send me a photo of your creation along with what it is and your own name!

{If you are interested in hosting future months please email me at vanillacloudsandlemondrops@hotmail.co.uk}


  1. A hot and spicy soup ...? Right up my alley ... I'll have to pull out the recipes and look for just the perfect challenge soup!

    Sounds like fun!

  2. Oh, how fun!! Will any type of chile do? What a great idea...I am off to find that perfect recipe!

  3. I know! I mean how can you resist a spicy soup at this time of year?!?

    Maggie - Yes you can use any type of chile that you like!

    Delighted to have you both on board : )

  4. Now that is an interesting challenge, will see what I can come up with.

  5. I have just sent you my submission. What a great idea for an event.

  6. Oh I don't know how I missed the last challenge - it was right up my street. Will def. be participating in this one - thanks for hosting such a lovely blogging event.


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