Friday, July 20, 2012

Harry Potter Hen Weekend - The Final Adventure!

The Harry Potter Crew after a little magic!
{Can you work out who everyone is?!}
So the treasure hunt was completed, the clues had all been found and now everyone was relaxing in the local pub with a well deserved drink....but with a new member to the group – Harry Potter (well... sort of!) so what next? Well while the girls ordered some more drinks the “maids” (aka myself, Jude & Hayley!) went back to the house to begin the rest of “Operation HP”. Unbeknown to the rest of the group our beautiful house was about to be transformed into Harry Potter land complete with Platform 9 ¾, Diagon Alley, Honey Dukes Sweet Shop and of course Hogwarts! Once the decorations and props were in place work continued on the next main part of the day – The Grand Feast! The feast was a mixture of some of Lauren's favourite dishes to eat along with a few whimsical Harry Potter inspired dishes. On the menu for the Grand Feast was........

Dates wrapped in Bacon with Maple Syrup
Pork Crackling Straws (bought from M&S)
Vine-ripened cherry tomatoes

Butterbeer Jelly
Popping Candy Grass Hopper Pie
Golden Snitch Topiary
Dragon Eggs (left over from the Treasure Hunt)

Butterbeer Jelly & The Goblet of Helga Hufflepuff filled with gold coins
Golden Snitch Topiary
Dragon Eggs
Popping Grass Hopper Pie (Zero marks for presentation!!)
The food was prepared and the table set complete with place cards for all of the characters, gold cutlery, sugar mice, crystal balls and plenty of candles! Right on cue the girls arrived back at the house to find the front door closed. With a quick ring of the bell to let us know they were back I had enough time to hit 'Play' on the CD player. The volume was turned up and just as the door was opened the Harry Potter theme tune began! With a shriek and then a lot of laughter the girls discovered that upon opening the front door they were transported to Platform 9 ¾ and in order to get into the house they had to run through the famous brick wall! The party was finally all coming together. Once inside the house they entered Diagon Alley which was plastered with Wanted posters of Harry Potter and other characters. The living room was the entrance of Hogwarts and was decorated with plenty of cobwebs and a few balloons to keep us in the party mood then it was through to the main room – the kitchen, which had become The Great Hall and the setting of our Grand Feast! A potions corner and Honey Dukes Sweet Shop completed the transformation! All that was left was for the characters to appear so once everyone had a drink in hand we all disappeared off to our rooms to let the transformation begin and what a job everyone did!! I still can't believe the effort they all went to so I was more than delighted that I had done so much work – it really completed the day and turned the party into full on movie set Harry Potter. Wands were waved and the characters made their grand entrance down the fabulous staircase where Lauren was waiting to see who everyone had become. Coincidentally as soon as we were all changed an eerie mist came into the village which provided us with the perfect back drop for some outside photographs which a poor unsuspecting neighbour was asked to take!!
Platform 9 3/4 

The Grand Feast Table before all the food was served.
Harry Potters Seat
Ginny Weasley's seat, Top Hats a Crystal Ball and if you catch it, a little mouse scurrying through!
Honey Dukes Candy Bar
Potions Corner
Polyjuice Potion
Gillyweed & Madrake Juice
Hogwarts Flag (a little damaged after the trip home!)

Gryffindor House Flag

Marauder's Map
With photos taken we returned inside for the Grand Feast. The food was devoured and the rest of the night was a non-stop party filled with a lot of laughter and entertainment, lots of food, plenty of drinks and most of all great company! It will definitely go down in my books as the most unusual but most fun hen party I have ever been to!!
Here is a collection of some of my favourite pictures. I hope they make you laugh as much as I have!.....

Harry, Voldemort & Hagrid
Draco Malfoy, Moaning Murtle & Hermione
Mrs McGonagall; Mad Eye Moody & Luna Lovegod
Sybill Trelawney, Prof. Snape & Dumbledore
Rita Skeeter & Bellatrix Lestrange
Ginny, Ron & Molly Weasley


Run Harry!
Avada Kedavra!!
Hello Hagrid!
Voldmort - Winner of the Best Costume
{Hagrid & Dumbledore were runners up!}

Harry, Hermione & Ron (with scabbers!)


All of the dishes that I made using my own recipe will be appearing over the next couple of weeks starting with my recipe for Pulled Pork Buns with Coleslaw.




I just want to say once again thank you so much to Lisa at Lotus Lodge and Drumlanrig Castle for making our weekend possible. Both locations provided the perfect backdrop for our weekend. Also a big thank you to my Mum who helped to make the Lasagnes and made the Top Hats and bought quite a few things for the weekend to help out. And finally to all of the girls for making it such a fantastic weekend -it really was amazing!

*The chicken legs were originally meant to be chicken wings but when I went to buy them they were sold out!


  1. Crackers.... But we all love crackers :-)

    1. Ha ha absolutely!!! But so much fun and thankfully a great group of girls that were all just as crackers as each other and loved it! : )

  2. Absolutely briliant Lynds. Great work, lots of effort but most of all loads of fun.

    1. Thanks Sandra - it was so much fun!! And thank you for being a part of it! : ) x

  3. So good Lynds!! All I can say is AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN!! More fun than i'd ever imagined possible :) What's going to be the next theme? Love you xxx

    1. I want to do it again as well! Watching HP as I write this - so much fun!! xxx

  4. What a brilliant time you all had, I'm so impressed with the attention to detail. Even the lousy weather added to the atmosphere with that mist coming down!! It's the same today only with even more rain. Food looks amazing, really enjoyed reading about it all. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Janice! You know the weather really did add to it - it was perfect! Far too much fun for such a random theme!!! x

  5. I AM DYING!!! This is perfect!

    Subscribed and subscribed again, so that even without Buzz, I won't miss a post! I would love it if you would follow me too!

    1. Thanks Michelle - it was so much fun! Just wish we could do it all over again! I'm now following you as well so that I don't miss anything : )

  6. Incredible! I would like to have a hen party like this :)


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