Friday, September 14, 2012

Raspberry Moscow Mule

I was recently going through some of my old photographs when I found this picture that I took several years ago. Going back even further in time when I used to live in Edinburgh, this cocktail used to be one of my favourite drinks as it was one of the signature cocktails where I used to work. Somehow over the years I forgot about it as the photo was stored away in the archives along with the recipe and memories, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find it and relive some happy times and of course enjoy a taste from the past that I won't be forgetting about again!

Serves 1

45ml vodka
6 fresh raspberries
½ tsp fresh ginger, grated
½ lime
Ginger beer (or if you can't get it, Ginger Ale) to top up

In a blender add the vodka, raspberries, ginger and lime juice and blend until smooth. Shake with ice in a cocktail shaker or jar then using a cocktail strainer or small sieve, strain the mix into a cocktail glass and top up with the ginger beer. Cheers!

*For a non-alcoholic version simply omit the vodka for a refreshing and zingy, sparkly drink. 


  1. Wow, brilliant photograph and I love the sound of that cocktail. We used to drink Moscow Mules when I was a student, but they weren't anything like as sophisticated as this one!

  2. That is a great colour. It would be super if you linked this in to Food on Friday: Cocktails. Cheers

    PS did you know you were a no-reply blogger? I have just posted on Carole's Chatter Blog Tips with a link to advice on how to change this if you want to. Cheers

  3. Look at that colour - whoa! I want one now ... is that a bad thing for 7:48 am?


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