Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Meal Planning Mondays June 16th ~ 22nd

Well it's a day late but that's because I wasn't actually going to post this week's MPM due to the fact it's pretty vague because I am having minor surgery on Wednesday. Since it's my first time having a general anesthetic I have no idea how I will feel after and how much I will want to cook - I guessing not much!! I am trying to be organised by making a dish today for tomorrow - more so for my mother-in-law who was has the lucky job of looking after me(!) as I don't imagine I will want much to eat. On the off chance I do though I'm also going to make up a batch of Carrot & Lentil Soup (definitely not Summery but very comforting!).

Last night Wee One and I made the most of Scott being away by having our favourite - Tomato Pasta! I had leftover sauce from Friday's Roasted Pepper & Tomato Pasta so all I had to do was quickly cook some pasta, make a salad and hey presto dinner was done! Tonight and I'm trying out a new recipe that I found in an old issue of Olive (you've got to love opening an old magazine and discovering a ton of recipes you want to try!) - Carrot, Cumin & Feta Fritters. Only problem is I hope I'm not starving after since I can't eat anything tomorrow before my op!! Tomorrow and after much deliberation I have decided to make my Thai Red Curry with Chicken (using thighs instead of breasts so they don't dry out while being reheated and replacing the Bamboo Shoots with Squash) which I am making mainly for my MIL but will also mean I have leftovers for later in the week which I'll need. After that it will be a case of waiting to see. Thursday will definitely be either leftovers or takeaway and I have planned Fajita's for Friday since they are really easy and fast to make and I have all of the ingredients. It's yet another one of my planned "coming soon" recipes but we shall see as I seem to have less and less time to spend on here (as you have most likely noticed!). As usual the weekends are undecided as it will depend on what we do but I definitely suspect Scott will be barbecuing at least one night!

So there you have it! Have a great week everyone with family, friends and of course, lots of good food! x

 Monday June 16th - June 22nd

                                  Monday  -      Tomato & Pepper Pasta with Salad
                                  Tuesday -       Carrot, Cumin & Feta Fritters with Coriander Yogurt
                                  Wednesday -  Red Thai Chicken Curry with Jasmine Rice
                                  Thursday -      Leftovers or Takeaway
                                  Friday -          Chicken Fajita's (my own recipe which I unfortunately don't have                                                                   on the blog!)
                                  Saturday -      TBD
                                  Sunday -        TBD
As always don't forget you can add links to your Weekly Meal Plans in the comments section below.  

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