Thursday, September 18, 2014

Meal Planning Mondays Sept. 15th ~ 21st

This week's meal plan is more than a little late to say the least! The reason being that I actually wasn't going to do one... Initially I had no links so it seemed a little pointless but then as the week went by things changed and in a bid to completely clean out my fridge I found some great new recipes to try which do have links! (Thank you BBC Good Food!) The downside to that is that I am desperate to try some new recipes from books that I am meant to be reviewing so unfortunately they have been postponed another week, however I will have the reviews up soon!

Our weeks are slowly getting busier and busier thanks to my little monkey boots and all the activities he is keen to do. It's taken a bit of getting used to after a nice chilled out Summer but we're getting there. My Slow Cooker is definitely going to be put to good use this Autumn and Winter and I'm excited to have just bought a couple of new books for the slow cooker (again, thank you BBC Good Food!!) but for now back to this week! The week started with leftovers which I have to say I am a big fan of on a Monday! It's just one less thing to have to think about at the start of a new week. Tuesday and I finally put the Cauliflower I had bought to good use in a vegetarian curry. My latest Good Food magazine had just arrived and this recipe was inside so it was perfect timing. The recipe definitely needed some tweaking for our tastes but I would make it again with a few modifications. Wednesday was more leftovers which was ideal as we had such a busy day. Today is a new pasta dish which I am excited to try.... hopefully it's good! Tomorrow and it's good old 'Slow Cooker Friday'. I never thought I would resort to this at the start of my weekend but I have to say I am really excited to do so! I'm contemplating starting a 'Slow Cooker Friday' links party on my Facebook page (and possibly Pinterest) so stayed tuned for that for plenty of inspiration. Saturday and I am definitely trying out a recipe from a cookbook that I am reviewing which looks quick and easy and I know will get the thumbs up from the family (at least I hope it will!). Finally I am so excited for Sunday as it's the annual Food Festival where we live. With over 60 vendors handing out delicious samples of the food they produce and make it's an amazing day and a great way to see what's available where we live. Tickets sold out in record time but thankfully I was on the ball and managed to snatch some up before it was too late! Since we will spend most of the afternoon eating I'm opting for a nice thin crust pizza for dinner if we are still a little peckish, which we'll cook on the BBQ and enjoy outside with a glass of wine and quite possibly the last of the Summer sun.

So there you have it! Have a great week everyone with family, friends and of course, lots of good food! x

 Monday September 15th - 21st

                                  Monday  -       Leftovers
                                  Tuesday -       Cauliflower & Tomato Curry with Basmati Rice (No link unfortunately                                                                   but in BBC Good Food's Oct. 2014 issue, p25)   
                                  Wednesday -  Leftovers
                                  Thursday -      Cherry Tomato, Kale, Ricotta & Pesto Pasta with Salad
                                  Friday -           French Lentil Rice Soup with Homemade Wholewheat Bread  
                                  Saturday -       Chicken Milanese with Salad (Review recipe)
                                  Sunday -         BBQ'd Pizza

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  1. sounds good, the food festival especially sounds wonderful!


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