Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reader Challenge Choice {No. 2}

Well it's that time again so thank you to everyone that chose a book for me to review for the 2nd month! There were 17 books in total so I let Random.Org do the work for me and it chose book number........(drum roll please!).....3. I had to laugh when I checked to see what book it was as this was actually a Father's Day present for my husband whose favourite ingredient has to be this item - that's right, book number 3 is I Love Bacon by Jayne Rockmill! Needless to say my husband is especially delighted at this months review so thank you to Lo-Mo for picking this book.

As with last month I hope to have the recipes tested out and the booked reviewed by the middle of October so stay tuned to see how I get on!

Thank you to everyone that took the time to choose a book and thank you again to Lo-Mo for such a fantastic choice!

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**Due to a last minute change of travel plans I'm afraid this review won't be posted until a later date....most likely November. I'm so sorry but I would like to do the book justice and won't have time to test out the recipes. Thanks for your understanding.**


  1. I know! It's going to be great but I might have to space things out a bit otherwise bacon overload and clothes that don't fit!!


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