Monday, September 19, 2011

Reader Challenge {No. 2}

With the first Reader Challenge being such a success, I have decided to turn this into a monthly challenge (assuming you all stay interested!). As mentioned in the first challenge this is a great opportunity for me to actually use my books, try them out and not just read them like they are novels! On top of that it is a fun way to get me to finally write reviews on some of the books I have but more so reviews of books you want reviewed, not just what I pick!

To keep things fair I have decided to 'roll-over' (so to speak!) the books from last month that weren't picked. That way you aren't picking the same ones every month and the choice of books for me to cook from will continue to grow. I'm guessing eventually when the list becomes too long I'll pause the choices for a while and just work my way through what has been already been chosen.....sound fair?

*(Let me know if you think that I shouldn't carry over the previous books – it's your Reader Challenge so you decide what you think is fair!)*

So as a reminder here is the reader challenge.........take a look at my collection of books and everyone that wants to participate can pick ANY one book from my collection that you want me to cook from! That's right – ANY book you want! It can be a book you are interested in buying but would like to read a review of first; one of your favourite books that you love to cook from or just a completely random choice! Simply post a comment at the bottom of this post with the name of the book you have chosen (and if you want to give a reason why you chose it please do so but this is by no means necessary). The deadline this month for suggestions is September 26th 2011, upon which I will use a random number generator (to keep things fair) and it will pick the book from all of the suggestions!

Once I have the chosen book removed from the book shelves and on my kitchen counter I will cook at least 3 recipes from it....The first will be something that I just really like the look of that I think is one of the top recipes in the book. The second recipe will be something that looks a little more advanced and not generally something I would ordinarily make, and the third recipe will be something that I have never tried before (subject to being able to get the ingredients)! Sound good? I think so and I hope that you agree and if I get enough interest in this reader challenge then it will become a monthly challenge!

The Books Chosen so far:

Lotte's Country Kitchen – Lotte Duncan
The Richard Corrigan Cookbook – Richard Corrigan
I Love Bacon – Jayne Rockmill
Willie's Chocolate Factory Cookbook – Willie Harcourt-Cooze
Grand Livre de Cuisine: Alain Ducasse's Desserts & Pastries – Alain Ducasse
The Clatter of Forks & Spoons – Richard Corrigan
Leaves from the Walnut Tree – Ann & Franco Taruschio
Vegetarian Supercook – Rose Elliot
Cookbook by Martin Wishart
The French Kitchen – Joanne Harris & Fran Warde
Barefoot Contessa at Home – Ina Garten
How to be a Domestic Goddess - Nigella Lawson
Bouchon – Thomas Keller
La Potiniere – David & Hilary Brown

Books Reviewed


  1. I thought I had a lot of cookbooks, but nothing like as many as you. I am choosing "Things on Toast – Tonia George". I've never heard of it, so am intrigued.

  2. Okay, this month I pick The Vicar's Wife Cookbook – Elisa Beynon. Never heard of it before, and the title made me chuckle :-)

  3. Thanks ladies! Two more great choices to add to the collection!

    Janice - great choice! I haven't looked at it for a while so I can't remember what its like so thank you for refreshing my memory!

    Sarah - I know it's funny. She actually got her book published a few years ago after winning a competition with Waitrose to get a cookbook published! I've never cooked from it though so thanks!

  4. So glad you did this again cause I missed the deadline last month! This month I choose, In the mood for entertaining by Jo Pratt! Can't wait to see (and maybe taste) the results!! xxx

  5. Another great choice! Thanks Lauren.

    {If you stay Monday night I'll cook you something out of the book - regardless of whether it is chosen or not!!!} x


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