Saturday, September 24, 2011

Goodbye Summer {With My Top 10 Summer Recipes}

It's hard to believe it but it seems that Summer has made a very abrupt disappearance! Last Monday was 30 degrees with blue skies and not a cloud in sight and I was writing a post entitled “Too Hot to Cook” featuring two of my favourite salad recipes. Tuesday however was a new day and apparently a new season. Overnight while no one was looking the sun decided to quietly disappear and instead bowed down and allowed the inevitable cooler temperatures to take over, accompanied by lots of grey clouds and drizzly rain showers..... I tried for a while to ignore everyone's comments about Summer being officially over at the start of September and the warning signs of the leaves changing colour and the appearance of pumpkin patches, but now with the change of weather I guess I have to admit defeat for another year! However before we move on to the warming, comfort meals of Autumn and Winter I thought I would do a quick roundup of Summer including my Top 10 Summer Recipes from 2011. It was a slow start to the summer this year but it turned out to be a great one! I hope you all had a lovely summer!

Long Beach Camping Weekend

Family trip to the Rockies


My beautiful Roses

And my stunning lillies!

It wasn't an easy task to pick just 10 but here they are....Enjoy!

Top 10 Summer Recipes of 2011


  1. Nice line up of links to your archives! You have a good variety, but I have to say the cherry desserts are the ones I like best.

  2. Great round up and those photos of the rockies were stunning.

  3. Those roses really are beautiful. What variety are they?

  4. Gorgeous photos...the one labeled Victoria has to be my beautiful. And lovely lineup of recipes...they all sound marvelous :)

  5. Lovely photos and your top Summer dishes all sound incredible! Something to look forward to until Summer comes around again x

  6. I know what you mean about the end of Summer. I don't like to face the truth about the change of seasons either. By your beautiful pictures, looks like you had a fabulous summer.
    Nice post to summarise a great season !

  7. Thanks everyone! It was fun to do and a good way to end my favourite season!

    Francesca - Im afraid I honestly don't know...they were given to us as a gift when we moved in years ago and unfortunately I can't remember....sorry!


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