Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sweet Heat # 3

It's the 1st of the month which means it's that time again.....Yes it's time to announce this months Sweet Heat challenge (and it's also time to open the first door of your advent calander – woo hoo!)! I'm so excited about this months challenge as I think that I am being particularly generous and giving you a theme with endless options as to what you can spice up.....yes you probably have guessed but how could I resist and not pick Christmas as this months theme! That's right, I've put my Santa hat on early and thrown open the idea of making some spicy little Christmas recipes. That means it can literally be anything that you consider to be Christmassy so party food; chocolates; baking; edible gifts; soups; turkey or even a chilli themed Christmas decoration will fit the bill (trust me the idea did cross my mind of making a chilli garland as I was threading my chillies to dry a couple of months ago!!)'s up to you!

So there you go – how can you resist? Sweet Heat December is all about Christmas!

*This month you will have until December 27th to send your entries to me.


Even though it is Christmas the usual rules apply and as a reminder here they are......

  • You must mention Sweet Heat in your post with a link back to this site (and when applicable the host site).
  • Send your post url, your name and a photo (if possible no bigger than 500 pixels please) of your creation to by the 27th of December.
  • You can create your own recipe or make your favourite recipe but please credit the original source if using someone else's.
  • You can enter as many times as you like.
Happy Cooking! : )

*For more information on this chilli challenge you can refer to the original challenge post here.

{If you love taking part in monthly blogging challenges head over to The Food Blog Diary for a list of lots of exciting and fun challenges happening every month!}


  1. oooh, yummy spicy turkey left-overs!...

  2. Yaaaaay! I am SO excited to participate this month (newbie!).... I absolutely love the idea of a contest every month. I can't wait to see what everyone cooks up! Yahoo!!!!

  3. Sooo this just has to include hot peppers?

  4. Dom - you are thinking along my lines!! What could be better for boxing day than some spicy turkey! Love!

    Meghan - Delighted to have you on board! Remember you can also enter as many times as you like.

    Kiri - Got it in 1! You can make any Christmas themed thing at all, it just has to include chilli peppers of some form. For more information you can have a look at the first Sweet Heat Challenge as it has a little more information....hope this helps : )

  5. {If it's easier just click on the first Sweet Heat words at the start of the post - they will take you to the original Sweet Heat post!}

  6. Will get my thinking cap on Lynds and see what Chilli treats I can come up with. I still haven't made that icecream so maybe...

  7. Yum! I've been wanting to try some chilli ice cream for a while but just haven't got round to it....sounds so good! Please make it!!

  8. first time in your event...will definitely try to send an entry...happy hosting...I'm ur new follower viist my space sometime :-) wishing u n ur family merry christmas !


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